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We offer integrative treatment

Adult services through Children Families and Communities emphasize the foundation of Presence to facilitate healing. We support the use a variety of modalities and teachings to address the issues of pain and suffering.

Presence in Healing is an integrated healing art form used for personal growth and healing. Sessions and classes teach holistic mindfulness through consciousness. By becoming more aware of our somatic (body) experience, we become present in body, mind, emotion, energy and spirit to choose and act congruently towards health, healing and wellness.

Who might want to explore Presence in Healing?
The foundations of Presence in Healing are the cultivation of presence, increased perceptual awareness, greater self/other awareness and discerned choice. The result of this is greater understanding and expression of one’s authentic self in the world today.

The work is especially useful for individuals seeking change, or wanting more health and well-being in their lives. You might want to explore this work if you are experiencing:

  • chronic illness
  • immune compromise
  • depression or anxiety
  • life transitions
  • recovery from addiction           

From Yoga Journal, an article on research being done in the field of medicine and yoga:
"Yoga Works! Medical Science is finally validating what yogis have known for thousands of years"

To arrange a service please call or email Check out our events page for current workshops and classes.

Therapeutic massage sessions offer an opportunity to release compensation patterns that are no longer useful. Holistic therapeutic massage is based on a strong foundation of wellness through awareness, mindfulness and presence using natural methods and resources. Using movement, breath and posture as a guide, specific techniques and resources optimize what the body does innately—heal.
Meditation is an ancient tool for growing Presence. Research supports that meditation decreases stress, increases well-being and provides insight. This is offered in group settings and individually using a variety of meditation modalities. For those just starting out or those wishing to explore beyond their experience, Presence in Healing teachers who steward meditation groups bring their unique blend of integrity, witnessing and open-heartedness to every experience.
Coaching provides a guided opportunity to create positive, functional change in your life. The coach assists you to be present, in congruence, and in integrity with yourself and your life. At the heart of coaching is mindfulness. Mindfulness is a mental state brought about by being aware of present time while thoughtfully acknowledging your feelings, thoughts and body sensations. Life coaching helps you bring all aspects or parts of yourself to make choices that create an effective, balanced and fulfilling life. These sessions are offered by phone or online.
Physical therapy traditionally uses the art of physical medicine to address specific diagnoses and conditions towards more complete daily life function. We primarily support manual therapy, movement re-education, exercise and teaching to assist our clients in reaching their functional goals. We have learned over years of experience that the more informed, involved and aware our clients (and their caregivers) are, the more likely functional change will occur and be sustained. Techniques that are used by our therapists include craniosacral, lymph drainage, visceral manipulation, therapeutic massage, myofascial techniques, sensory processing and integration, waterdance, exercise, movement re-education and functional activity.
Holistic Stress Management Instruction classes explore what stress is and holistic mind-body techniques that address the impact of stress physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Classes may be anywhere from one hour to multiple days in length.

The World Health Organization calls stress a global epidemic. In this time of change around the world, no one is immune. The good news is that growing research supports a wide variety of behaviors, activities and skills that when combined with awareness and regular practice serve to diminish the impact of stress on the individual.

Adult Services

Presence in Healing, therapeutic massage, and Physical Therapy sessions are offered on a sliding scale of $90 - $250 per session. Please let us know if you need additional financial support. We don't want cost to be a barrier if you want to access our work.

Fees for meditation classes are listed with the event

Coaching: We offer a complementary coaching introduction. The fee for the first session is offered on a sliding scale of $90 - $250. Following the first session the coaching format includes:

  • commitment to 3 sessions in 1 month
  • 60 minute sessions
  • unlimited email support
  • check-ins
  • after first 3 sessions may arrange for a bundle or a single sessions

Holistic Stress Management Instruction

  • Fees for holistic stress management talks and classes are listed with the event or individually arranged.
  • Individual sessions are offered on a sliding scale of $90-$250.



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