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We offer workshops and classes on many themes, and can customize our trainings for your family or organization.

All of trainings explore healing on multiple levels, and include how to insert conscious choice into habitual patterns.

Each year on the second weekend in December we offer a two-day workshop on the theme of Grace. We began this tradition in 2002 and it is now part of a week-long event. The workshop is preceded by shorter classes and Presence in Healing sessions, providing the opportunity for people to create their own intensive experience if they so desire.

In 2017 we also held our first Summer Grace retreat and this has become an annual event. We are planning to expand these opportunities in the next year.

Classes and workshops that we have offered include:

  • Integrating the Heart: Creating Gracious Community
  • Navigating This New Earth
  • In the Presence of Grace
  • Introduction to Presence in Healing
  • A Conversation Within

  • Stress and Your Immune System
  • ADD and State Regulation
  • Presence: Bringing Mindfulness to Massage (CEUs offered)

Staying True to Ourselves

How do we walk our path during this time of constant change? Even when we have a clear sense of who we are the world keeps changing, creating doubt as to our next steps.

Our beliefs, actions and habits help define who we are as we learn how to be present with ourselves. Each time we interact with the world we integrate new information and have the opportunity to update our perspective.

Choosing Life Path

What am I supposed to do? What should I do next? What are my gifts? How can I best use them?" The need for recognizing life purpose is one of the deepest drivers of well-being. And yet understanding and refining our actions to fulfill this purpose can feel elusive.

Choosing our every-day expression is guided by our emotions in an incredibly wide open, abundant and diverse environment that is our World. By learning how to use our body’s guidance system to steer our actions, we create our life purpose.


Fees for events and classes are listed with the event and scholarships are often available.


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