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Presence in Healing is by nature a holistic healing art that is taught through bodywork, classes, tutorials, and coaching in self-exploration.

Individuals may wish to learn the perspectives and skills of PIH in order to share the work with others and become a PIH teacher themselves, or to take Presence in Healing into their own practice, life or profession. For this reason we have created an apprenticeship program through CFC.

Apprenticeships are self-directed and begin with the creation of a contract in consultation with qualified, lead teachers. This contract serves to integrate personal and professional goals and aspirations. We work under the presumption that each moment of every day we create our life purpose. With this understanding, we seek to consistently reflect on the congruence of our actions with our stated intentions.

Contracts are typically created for a year at a time. Individuals wishing to become Presence in Healing teachers commit to 36 days of training, with the goal of completing 216 hours over 24 months. For individuals who have other certifications  this expected commitment may be modified.

Individuals wishing to study a selected body of work in a shorter time may arrange an intensive.

Fees and payment plans for apprenticeships and intensives are individually arranged.

If you are interested in learning more about an apprenticeship please contact Sara or Faith at


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