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Principle Practitioners:

In my integrative philosophy I welcome the idea that abundance begets abundance. Each method I am influenced by has offered  me a window into “partial truths”. And, that when these are applied synergistically with others, the fruits are multiplied exponentially. I deeply believe in the idealistic view of many paths, one destination.

I have had the great pleasure to learn from a number of gifted Teachers in the fields of medicine, physical therapy, Myofascial Release, Integrated Awareness®, Craniosacral therapy, sensory processing, communication, development, family systems, movement, coaching, integrative healing and recovery. Being with children over the last 30 years, with and without individual differences, led to the co-development of Parents Go First and AKID, a guide for seeking services for children, and ultimately to the co-authored book, Being With Children As We Are.

My greatest teacher has been my life experience with the incredible support and love of my family and allies. For this I am grateful. To explore the world of disabilities and differences, families and communities, and chronic conditions (including addiction recovery) has brought me immeasurable joy and insight. And I am fortunate to be able to teach classes and offer sessions in a variety of places, including active practices in Florida and Maine as well as workshops and retreats around the country.

In my practice I seek to:

  • Introduce an intelligent component that strengthens the inner working of the body 
  • Offer core stability in multiple levels of consciousness
  • Include more parts of self in greater congruence providing flexibility and possibility that is about opening, letting go and choice
  • Encourage breath, connection and resulting awareness that is integrative in nature
  • Model and encourage joy, playfulness, and a cultivation of a body and spirit that is happy and at ease.

My practice includes teaching self-healing in person and virtually, through sessions and classes in the healing arts, including stress management, therapeutic massage, life and wellness coaching, consultations and presentations. The foundation of my work is Presence in Healing. I bring the techniques of craniosacral, myofascial, neuromuscular, subtle energy, meditation, mindful conversation and other healing modalities to sessions and classes as needed. I also offer therapeutic water sessions.

If we listen, our body is always communicating. Since 1999 the core of my work has been accessing the wisdom of the body, primarily through hands-on healing and the language of touch, and also through movement, mindfulness, introspection, and meditation. All of these paths are an invitation to connect deeply with ourselves. Over the course of developing my practice I have had the good fortune to train with a number of gifted teachers and healers. My training includes craniosacral therapy, Myofascial Release, Integrated Awareness®, therapeutic massage, meditation, and coaching. My roots are grounded in 30 years of working with children and families in early intervention, in the joy of my family, in the incredible information from my body, and in transformative learning through chronic illness.

I believe we are all in a continual act of creation - reclaiming our inherent wholeness and choosing greater congruence in the way we manifest our lives. For many of us this includes taking steps in developing self awareness, gaining comfort with the multisensory aspects of being in our bodies, strengthening our sense of who we are, and connecting to our core. Often this work involves releasing early trauma. In my practice I offer space for these explorations, creating opportunities for individuals to connect deeply and experience multiple aspects of themselves. From this connection choice, integration and ease of expression in all aspects of self can emerge.

My practice includes: teaching self-healing through Presence in Healing sessions and classes; coaching; and healing with sound. I offer in person sessions in Maine and virtual sessions.

As a Presence in Healing Teacher I bring a background of over 20 years as a Family Medicine Physician Assistant combined with nearly 20 years of exploration in holistic modalities, culminating in 10 years training in Integrated Awareness® and Presence in Healing.. This has been a journey of self-healing for me. One of my learnings was to have permission to do things differently in my parenting and to allow my children choice. Another was restoring my ability to feel, and learning how to identify and express my emotions. This has been a cornerstone of the reawakening of my intuitive sense of self and other. It allows me to listen deeply on multiple levels.

My practice includes offering Presence in Healing sessions. I meet people where they are at, and assist them in moving in the direction they would like for their life. I am particularly interested in supporting people who are dealing with head injuries, anxiety, and depression. I also have a special interest in people who are in recovery. In my work as a Physician Assistant I support people who are interested to bridge the worlds of allopathic and more holistic medicine.

For thirty plus years I have been working and studying with many profound teachers, healers, doctors and scientists. With a background in Integrated Awareness®, Feldenkrais, Cranial Sacral, Applied Biomechanics and other body centered healing work, and decades of experience working in the medical world, I weave my unique approach into “Presence In Healing”. My curiosity is boundless, and I take every opportunity to learn from and question the physicians and researchers that are a part of my life. This journey of studying with healers and working with science and medical people has had a profound influence on how I view healing and why it seems so key to spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. How we occupy and move our bodies is how we bring form into the world. Every breath, every word, every bit of our essence is tuning in to our ongoing manifestation.

I have taught and worked in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Currently I am privileged to work with people of all ages, from all over the world.

Always sensitive, I grew into my healing work through the trials and joys of parenting. Convinced of the deep connection between parent and child, it was no great stretch for me to feel the deep connections among all living beings. It is here, in Inherent Holiness, and recognizing the Sacred Human, that I offer my intuitive energy work.

As an Integrated Awareness®Graduate and a Presence in Healing Teacher, I enjoy accompanying people on their journeys of self-discovery, doing this through classes and individual sessions. It is through self-discovery that deep healing occurs, allowing each individual to come to understand their own coherent presence and experience more joy of being.

As an athletic child, I appreciated how good it felt to move my body. Later, as an inherent need to resolve old trauma and find greater inner peace became the driving force, I was drawn to body-centered modalities as stepping stones to greater physical well-being, self-awareness and emotional clarity.

My life has been blessed with excellent teachers, and as I've pursued my own personal growth, I've accumulated a broad variety of approaches for helping others as well. My toolbag includes principles and inspiration from numerous modalities – from t'ai chi and the Alexander Technique® in the 1970s, to Integrated Awareness®, Zero Balancing®, Presence in Healing, SelfQuesting®, Reconnective Healing® and Hypnotherapy.

As a Presence in Healing teacher I tend to address the physical structure – literally the bones and mechanics of movement – as a starting point. I love interacting with the body's native intelligence and delight in how quickly it can incorporate useful input and open to greater freedom of movement and energetic expression– literally more choice.

I also engage with people's sensory perceptions, memories and imagination while highlighting their inner journey to bring about change at a deep level. I rely on the principles of physical and energetic movement along with heightened listening skills, in alignment with the client's goals, to help tune the human instrument to its own innate harmonics and resonance with all of life. I offer classes and individual sessions, including remote healing and phone sessions.

The connection and interface between the microcosm of our physical reality and the macrocosm of the world that we are born into is endlessly fascinating to me. Each human is on their own separate path and yet we are completely connected to each other and the earth. Healing, as I see it, always includes some version of this perception and the ability to accept the paradigm of duality in our consciousness and our cells.

My journey into the healing arts began in the late 1970s, studying massage at the New School of Massage in Northern California at the age of 19. More than a decade later, life events led me to go deeper into my own healing and I embarked on a three year training in Integrated Awareness®.This brought me to the realization that learning, healing and teaching are all part of the same process. I was drawn to help others find the truth of their healing journeys as well. In the decades since that time, I’ve worked in a global high tech wellness program, an internationally recognized Lyme clinic and maintained an on-going private practice.

As a Presence in Healing Instructor, I bring many different teachings into my work including Neural Manipulation from the Barral Institute, Frequency Specific Microcurrent, Biosyntonie®, cranial work and energy healing modalities.

I have a deep interest in discovering and releasing the underlying stress patterns that develop from trauma and chronic illness. One of the skills that I bring to my healing sessions is the ability to create a profound sense of safety for those I am working with so that they can find the deepest places of peace and wholeness within themselves. Teaching others to discover their own inner healing abilities is one of my greatest joys in life.

My mission is to help galvanize more joy in the world through helping you listen to the innate wisdom of your body and the communication from your soul in order to be your brightest self. I am most passionate to help you (re)connect to your heart, body, brain and soul for daily experiences and expressions of joy.

My toolbox for bringing others into joy includes 23 years of teaching Integrated Awareness® and Presence in Healing, advanced classes in Internal Family Systems, Emotional Brain Training, Positive Neuropsychology, as well as Heartmath, Soul Collage creation, art therapy and many hours bicycling and dancing Argentine Tango (my most grueling teacher for being embodied and balanced).

My work has always come from a somatic orientation but my passion for joy as our birthright has given me the focus for transforming emotional pain through the body. The inherent preference of the body to release, the brain’s natural plasticity, and the emotional and spiritual energies of the body, can easily be accessed through touch and guided dialogue using this deep inner wisdom.

Personal explorations have allowed me to know all too well the many permutations of pain including divorce, death of loved ones, losing a home, car and bicycle accidents, decades of physical discomfort and fear of success. I’ve come to accept that this pain is human and so is our joy. I still have challenging moments. The difference is, I now have tools to re-access my joy and return to a more even keel with appreciation and calm.

My business, Call to Joy, is designed for those who yearn to live life fully and in a continuum of joy as the base note rather than as a rare and random experience

I offer classes and private sessions in-person and virtually.

Healing with loving-kindness. Healing starts in the heart. Heal the heart, and everything else heals. For this reason, healing the patterns of the deepest core wounds can open our heart and body to our life force.

The healing work involves presence in your body, conscious awareness of your wounds, the liberation of the wounds, and openness to change.

You are meant to be living in your life purpose, in this present moment and not in the past dealing with old wounds. Wounds that no longer serve you. Whatever ailment comes into your body you can heal it with embodied awareness.

I see what is really happening in the body, mind and spirit. Your body is talking, are you listening? I see the core wounds that any human being is carrying. I see those wounds and I see how easily those wounds can be healed.

If you get to the root of any illness healing can happen and will happen. It’s a magic pill called living embodied in your life purpose.

I am drawn to help others. I see thousands of years in the past and see how other lives are negatively impacting your life now. I have a gift. Using this gift to help others. This is my life purpose.

“To move the world we must first move ourselves...” ~ Socrates

Movement is central to my life. Starting with a BA from UCSB and a MA from UCLA, I performed and taught dance at the university level for 20 years. When debilitating neck and back pain threatened to end my career as a dancer, I turned to holistic healing modalities, including Integrated Awareness (IA) and Presence in Healing community (PIH).  Along the way, I also obtained training in kinesiology, structural manipulation, cranio-sacral therapies, Bodynamics, SelfQuesting, chakras, and work with entities.  My studies helped me work with and overcome physical and emotional injuries, as well as traumatic brain injuries sustained through several car accidents.

And I am still dancing.

My goal is to facilitate self-discovery and self-healing in my clients.  I work intuitively, sensing the underlying factors contributing to a client’s dis-ease and then offering appropriate techniques to address their issues. My clients have reported greater range of motion, release of emotional blockages, and resolution of past trauma. It is my aim to diminish suffering and increase mobility in my clients to open the way to new life choices.

I offer customized hands-on and coaching sessions, specializing in chronic pain and traumatic brain injury. Let me help you on your path of recovery as my teachers have helped me.

Our Inspiration:

Karen was a Speech/Language Pathologist specializing in developmental disabilities for over 20 years. Central to her work were the partnerships she developed with families, individuals and teams, and her integration of traditional and alternative health practices.

Karen was the lodestar of Children, Families & Communities. She journeyed to her newest transformation in February 2011. Here are some of her words:

“Philosophically, I believe that we all have the opportunity to create the lives we want by stepping into the responsibility of who we are, including the wisdom of the body, joy and vitality. Using my extensive training and experience, I aspire to be a guiding light for others in their personal process as they create the lives they want.

I have learned so much from the children and families I have met in Early Intervention; from my family and allies; and from the holistic world view I gained through personal awareness and the spiritual teaching of Eckhart Tolle and Carolyn Myss.  I hold such gratitude for all I have been given and blessed with.

I seek to inspire people to love themselves more and take exceptional care of themselves.”

Partners in Learning:

In 2019 Morgan participated in a leadership program and expanded Good Ideas to include peer group mentoring and training in business skills and Presence in Healing. She is now a coach for Good Ideas.

Morgan enjoys hanging out with Steve the dog. She is a life long learner of human experience and wellness.

Our Support Team
I am a homesteader and a professional dog walker and trainer in beautiful downeast Maine. I also run a bookkeeping business and have been working with CFC since spring of 2019. I really enjoy working with the people involved in CFC and am excited to support making holistic medicine more accessible.

 Dan Pierce is an entrepreneur who is passionate about helping people improve mental health.

  Dan is the founder of Mentally Fit, a mental health technology company on a mission to ‘Bridge the Gap’ in mental health, making it affordable, accessible and relatable for people worldwide.


 Connect with Dan and get access to support and resources at

While initially intending a life in the arts, Amy has worked in office administration for more than 25 years, finding an affinity with her talents of attention to detail, focus and the ability to hold in her mind the big picture, all its parts, and how they go together and affect each other. Amy works as a free-lance Office Manager, Bookkeeper, and Consultant, lending her business skills and talents to small businesses and sole-proprietors as well as a unique viewpoint on the value and role of money in one’s life and the integration of work and living in pursuit of one’s highest life goals. Amy has been assisting CFC with their administration needs since 2003.

I am an administrative assistant, and most recently Ed Tech providing supportive educational services for preschool students . I have 8 years’ experience promoting small businesses and helping leaders showcase what they have to offer.

My passion is bringing healing to children and I enjoy helping them strengthen the relationship they have with themselves. My design skills, the ability to think outside the box, and my interest in helping people find peace in their lives are what brought me to the CFC team.

I have been an artist for over 20 years and a web designer for 8+ years. I am also a numerologist. I can combine my expertise in webdesign with numerology in order to help you find your most successful business name.

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