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CFC is fortunate to have a diverse group of supporters who bring a variety of skills and perspectives that guide the direction of the organization. They provide inspiration, creativity, and cheerleading for our growing team.

I am a mother, healer, and active member of my community. Presence in Healing and holistic early intervention had a profound impact on my family and on myself. I joined the CFC board to help bring holistic work, and ultimately greater healing, to my community.

I am an educator, parent, student and friend of Children Families and Communities. My personal history with CFC started with my household being provided services offered by the DTA and Lodestar programs. These services were provided by people who were knowledgeable, thoughtful, and caring, which are important values to me. I am curious to see what the next quarter century will hold.

Love, for me, is the center. From there, love leads and guides me towards experiences that impact me in the present. Then I learn some of how the love radiates outwards because exactly what I need returns to me in a different moment. The clearest manifestation of this is through the opportunity to mother my children. Another comes from when a family invites me to participate in their child’s journey as a developmental occupational therapist. Still other love comes from fellowship within my community. Love, having no boundary of space or time, offers me a community so broad that it includes my engagement with local church musicians and fellow theater performers as well as with friends and family from my childhood and young adulthood from both hemispheres of our planet. I hope I may practice my love centering, to be ready for how it may next move through me and return.

I have been involved with CFC for 24 years. Through my children I learned about the wonderful world of Downeast Therapy Associates and early intervention services. This relationship has been and continues to be life changing for my family. I have been in many roles through the years in this relationship: parent; partner; participant; staff; volunteer; and board member. I embrace the CFC philosophy of being willing to show up, being present to accept others where they are, and allowing their experience to unfold in a safe, sacred space. Through my work in association with CFC, I have learned to adopt a common language which facilitates authentic conversation and experience. This allows for healing on every level and fosters congruency. I continue on the adventurous journey walking home and am grateful to continue to be of service to CFC.

As one of the founders of Children Families and Communities it has been my great pleasure to work with a wide range of talented people in providing an array of holistic services to people in need. I have always hoped that the organization would grow into whatever needs flowed organically from a grassroots level. Slowly this has happened as we have all become more clear that what we support are services that are more holistic, inclusive and functional in nature. We hope that CFC serves not only those in need, but the dedicated providers as well.

I have been an acupuncturist for 38 years. I began training in Presence in Healing work 10 years ago. I find the paradigm it represents to be all-encompassing, deep, and profoundly wise. My acupuncture knowledge fits joyfully with this work, and bringing the two together allows me to accompany people in their journey of life and of death. I bring that perspective to being on the board.


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