Children, Families, Communities
The Peace Flag Project has been established to generate public awareness to support peace in all forms for children.

When complete, thousands of children and adults will be participants in creating a prayer flag sculpture of 10,000 flags. This sculpture will be installed as a reminder to support peace every day for our children--- from birth, at home, in school, out in the world, when in illness, catastrophe or health. Any revenue received will support the Peace Flag Project or the Karen Sjostrom Hedger Fund at Children, Families & Communities.

10,000 Prayer Flags

The initial phase of the project creates 10,000 prayer flags for peace in the lives of children. Each flag will be dedicated to children or a particular child….a wish or prayer for a child in each flag. The second phase of this project will be to solicit artists who are willing to write grants to install the 10,000 flags in appropriate venues to be a gentle, inspiring and beautiful reminder of all those prayers and wishes. We hope this will be a traveling venue.

Our Hope

Our hope is that as more of us fulfill this mission, Earth will become a little more user friendly: that we will remember what is important: that we will manifest more of who we are, individually and collectively.


Imagine being birthed into an environment that respects you and your mother’s experience.
Imagine having your needs heard.
Imagine a world where you are helped to find your natural gifts and talents.
Imagine a world where you are encouraged to explore and develop your gifts and talents as you grow.
Imagine adults in your life who are committed to modeling their humanity and supporting yours.

This is peace—a kind word, a gentle touch, compassionate understanding, clear boundaries and respectful support of one another. All this requires daily conscious awareness of ourselves.


We need volunteers to do the following:

Sew flags
Buy a kit (when available)
Host a Peace Flag event
Help with one of our local events
Support us with donations of: Used cotton linens; no longer wanted non-toxic acrylic paints; glitter and glitter glue.

We also welcome you to make peace flags at home and send them to us. The finished dimensions of the flags are 9" x 11". Put a 1" hem across the 9" top so that we can thread rope through it. The other three sides are not hemmed.

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