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All of our services emphasize presence as the foundation for healing.

Our child and family services address the complexities of development as children and families transition through the stages of life.

Holistic practitioners view individuals as the unity of body, mind, emotion, energy and spirit within the family systems, communities, and cultures that they live in. When balance is experienced among these parts well-being occurs.

Children learn best when they are in a calm, alert state. Our consultations are offered to families with young children from birth to 8 years of age. Visits take place during a 1 ½ hour session with one or two professionals who bring a holistic approach to their background in development and touch. Through teaching in combinations of observation, play, hands on treatment and interaction we explores concerns around foundations skills, learning styles, cognition, sensory processing, and factors that may impact brain chemistry. These consultations are powerful teaching tools for parents, encouraging their confidence and competence as they look at health and development from their child’s unique perspective.

Sessions may include demonstration of manual techniques and written instructions for home, preschool or school. Written reports are available upon request.

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Presence in Healing is a foundation for our services and is woven into all of our work with children, parents, and families. We offer Presence in Healing sessions to children and their parents, in combination or as individual sessions. This personal approach to healing supports desired change in any aspect of health, including physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, or functional. Presence in Healing uses movement and gentle touch to shift patterns, restore movement, and create a state in which the body can balance and innately heal. Children are very responsive to this work and often make impressive medical and functional gains. Sessions for children generally last 30 - 60 minutes. Adults may opt to receive a session before, during or at a later date which greatly supports the child’s process.

When one family member makes a change it influences everyone else in the family. We offer family sessions with the recognition that family members are learning from each other all of the time. Children look to their parents and caregivers as models of how to be in the world and learn through example as much as by direct teaching. Parents work to maintain balance between their roles as parents, partners, and individuals. Family sessions are an opportunity to bring conscious choice to communication, decision-making and interaction. With this present time awareness everyone can benefit.

Family sessions are offered to two or more family members and include conversation, interaction, and hands on treatment. Working with two professionals with backgrounds as teachers, therapists or healers, themes such as listening, communication styles, autonomy, schedules, and beliefs around parenting are explored. These sessions may include targeted teaching, and instructions for home. Individual or family follow-up may also be recommended.

New Options is a recent initiative funded in part through the generosity of the Witham Families Hotel Charitable Fund. It is designed to offer holistic, functional services to children and families who are feeling “stuck” in their healing journey; who aren't making as much progress as they’d like; or who need more information to take the next step.

New Options sessions are offered to children and families in Hancock County and beyond.

What We Offer: Interdisciplinary sessions where two practitioners work with the child or with the child and other family members or caregivers. At the end of each session the family receives a brief report of observations, next steps, and recommendations. This information is intended to work with other services a family might be receiving.

Practitioners: Our practitioners are experts in the fields of music therapy, mindfulness, occupational therapy, physical therapy, massage therapy, and Presence in Healing.

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Holistic Child and Family Services

Developmental consultations fees are offered on a sliding scale of $90 - $250 depending on the number of providers. Presence in Healing sessions are offered on a slidingscale of $90 - $250.  Please let us know at if you need financial support. We don't want cost to be a barrier if you want to access our services.

Fees for Family Sessions and New Options sessions are offered on a sliding scale of $90-330 depending on the number of practitioners. Through the support of the Witham Family Hotels Charitable Trust we are able to offer scholarship support.


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