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On this page you will find events offered by CFC, created in partnership with CFC, and events offered by some of our partners

Upcoming and Ongoing Events

Here are some events coming up:

Moving in New Directions: Resilience and Renewal
March 17-22, 2021


Moving From the Core: Thursday, March 18, 2:00 PT/5:00 ET

Taught by Marilyn Graham

Resilience starts from the core.  In this class we will take a journey inward, using movement as the vehicle, to discover or renew awareness of the spine and its interconnections.  Please make your floor an inviting place by adding whatever yoga mats, blankets or supports you need.  


Medulla: Gateway Between Brain and Body: Friday, March 19, 1:00 PT/4:00 ET

Taught by Carole Mudge and Sally Churgel

Open this gateway just so, and it opens you to a calmer, more resilient nervous system. Open it too much and you get overwhelm, fatigue, sense of urgency and heightened fear. We will teach you where this gateway resides in your brain, its influence on your body and well-being and how to set it for optimal functioning. Leave renewed with an easily accessible tool.


Moving in New Directions: Resilience and Renewal: Saturday, March 20
Session 1 10 PT/1 ET; Session 2 1 PT/4 ET

Taught by Carla Lukens, Carole Mudge & Faith Perkins

What does resilience have to do with our beliefs, the stories that we tell ourselves or the permission we have to choose? When life changes suddenly or we are in a period of uncertainty or difficulty we are not always aware there are options. Some of the information we can access lies within our biology and some plays out in our timeline.

In the morning we will explore our timeline and story- and with that we will be utilizing movement as well as energetic processes. Please come prepared with a writing pad and pen, blanket or pillow to be comfortable on the floor. The afternoon portion of the class will include quantum experiences in our bodies, while sitting or standing.

We hope you will be able to attend both sessions. If you can only attend one session please check with an instructor.


Trauma Resilience: Finding Safety in the Shadows: Sunday, March 21, 10 PT/ 1 ET

Taught by Sara Pierce

Trauma is a reaction to a deeply distressing event that overwhelms an individual’s ability to cope. In this class we will explore the shadow that is trauma, while engaging our sensorimotor system in new directions. These new sensations and movement patterns offer a doorway into safety and resilience. 


Your Heart Is with You Always: Sunday, March 21, 1:00 PT/4:00 ET

Taught by Amy Young

When our lives encounter hardship and setback, finding resilience and renewal are key to moving through challenge into new direction. Recognizing and harnessing the reliable resource in the fount of life that is our hearts can be the difference between surviving and thriving. This class will explore ideas about the deep function of our hearts and provide opportunities to allow each of us to remember our faithful hearts.

COST: $49.00 for each 90-minute class. $40.00 if you sign up for 3 or more classes


Sound Meditation: Saturday and Sunday mornings at 8:00-8:45 PT/11:00-11:45 ET.

All participants are invited to join Faith Perkins for meditation and exploration of healing with sound. 



Soul/Heart Healing - 1 hour sessions with Sally Churgel

Partake in a heart-to-heart dialogue with your soul for clarity on how to RENEW and redefine yourself during these extraordinarily changing and challenging times. Leave with a feeling of being more comfortable in your own skin, more confident and with a deeper connection to your core.

Offered Wednesday, Thursday, Monday


Guided Inner Journey with Marilyn Graham

Guided inner journey will help you identify fragmented consciousness - a part of self that has become structured around past trauma and contributes to present time discomfort or dis-ease. Together we interact with that part of your being and return it to wholeness.

Offered Thursday and Friday

Presence in Healing Coaching - 1 hour sessions with Sara Pierce

PIH coaching sessions offer an opportunity to explore personal issues, concerns or topics at a deeply somatic (body) level with energetic support and mindful conversation. In these sessions we honor discovery. Each session is an opportunity to learn more about who you are in the moment and how to bring that authenticity to your day-to-day life. 

Offered Monday


COST: Virtual sessions are individually priced and scholarships are available. To arrange a session contact Carla Rae at




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